Aaron Wilson

Software Engineer // Data Geek

What I'm About

I am an experienced and passionate software engineer with a background in higher education and healthcare IT, currently operating as a consulting developer in DoD IT programs. I am an expert in code quality and secure software development, and I am savvy in strategic planning. Language and data geek, skilled in Java, Kotlin, and Python. Interested in challenging problems with a theoretical component, writing elegant code, and contributing to high-level architecture and design.

I'm always interested in talking math and tech, so don't hesitate to reach out.

What I've Worked On

What I've Worked With

anaconda angular bamboo bitbucket css data analysis django eclipse front-end design git github hibernate html5 intellij java java serverpages java serverfaces javascript kotlin linux machine learning matlab octave oracle db postgresql python scipy software documentation sonarqube spring sql tomcat unit testing virtualbox weblogic